Final Treasury advice on Budget position

On 1 March, 2022, Treasury provided final advice to the Liberal Government on the budget position at the commencement of the caretaker period on 19 February, 2022. Treasury updated the budget position for all decisions taken by the Government after the Mid-Year Budget Review (MYBR) and up to the start of the caretaker period. Net…

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Welcome to the website of the Hon Rob Lucas. Rob is a member of the Liberal Party and was a Government Member of the Legislative Council in the South Australian Parliament. He was also the Treasurer and Minister for Finance, Industrial Relations and the Public Sector in the Marshall Liberal Government.

This website is to provide you with information on what Rob has been done in his capacity as a Legislative Councillor. If you have any issues you would like to raise, or information you think he may find useful, please feel free to contact him.

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