Media Releases

Final Treasury advice on Budget position

On 1 March, 2022, Treasury provided final advice to the Liberal Government on the budget position at the commencement of the caretaker period on 19 February, 2022. Treasury updated the budget position for all decisions taken by the Government after the Mid-Year Budget Review (MYBR) and up to the start of the caretaker period. Net…


Easier keeping up with the Kardashians than with Labor’s pre-election spending, which is now closer to $4 billion

  Today – 2 days out from the election – the pressure is on Mr Malinauskas to finally ‘fess up’ to South Australian families and businesses and explain exactly how much all of his reckless pre-election spending will cost them, including the promises they’ve been refusing to cost, such as the free pre-school for 3-year-olds.…


Leading expert blows lid off Labor’s hydrogen black hole, as rating agency warns ‘Stop the Spending’

  One of Australia’s leading energy policy analysts has blown a massive hole in the costing of Labor’s flawed, dangerous policy to build a $1.2 billion state-owned hydrogen power plant funded entirely at taxpayers’ expense.   Labor Leader Peter Malinauskas’ credibility is in shreds after Tony Wood, of the Grattan Institute, found the cost for…