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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

The Marshall Liberal Government was elected on a platform of lower costs, better services and more jobs. We also promised South Australians greater transparency and openness in government, and as part of that commitment, we would make public information about the use of Consultants and Contractors by government departments.

Prior to the election, we promised that a Marshall Liberal Government would require all departments and agencies to include in their annual reports details such as the names of contractors and consultants engaged by each agency, the work undertaken by them and the actual payments made for their work.

The annual reporting period is upon us and agency annual reports will soon be tabled.

In some cases agencies will have provided additional information in their annual reports relating to contractor and consultancy expenditure.

The 2018 Annual reports reflect that this is a transition year between the requirements of the former Labor administration and those of the new Marshall Government. 

I commend those agencies that have been able to include increased information in this area in a short space of time. Given confidentiality obligations in relation to certain contracts, full details of contractor payments were not able to be produced in all annual reports for this reporting period. As a result, there may be some inconsistencies in the scope and extent of information provided this year. 

Agencies continue to be required to publish details of certain contracts, in accordance with the requirements of Premier and Cabinet circular 27, on the SA Government Tenders and Contracts website.

While there are always going to be a limited number of contracts where full disclosure will not be possible due to confidentiality requirements,  I expect that in the 2019 annual reports disclosures and transparency relating to government expenditure on contractors and consultants will further increase.


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