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22 September, 2008 Documents released under Freedom of Information (FoI) had revealed the Rann Government had employed more than 140 people working full time inside Government departments’ on public relations, media and communications functions and was spending almost ... Read more
22 September, 2008 Former WorkCover Board Member Janet Giles today gave evidence to the Legislative Council Statutory Authorities Review Committee meeting in direct conflict with evidence of former Board Chair Bruce Carter and Chief Executive Julia Davison. “Ms Giles... Read more
19 September, 2008 The Rann Labor Government was planning to spend more than $50 million on consultants and ‘in house’ expertise just to manage the process of public-private partnerships (PPP) for schools, prisons and the Marjorie Jackson-Nelson (MJN) hospital. “This ... Read more
09 September, 2008 John Blunt: “I mean, we have got business interests, as well, so we want good governance. We want to see things happen in this state.” Matthew Abraham: “You want to be looked after, too?” John Blunt: “Yeah, we want to make our projects happen, tha... Read more

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