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22 August, 2011 The Labor Government is considering options for increasing ticket prices for concerts to help pay for public transport services, evidence to the Budget and Finance Committee revealed today. The Big Day Out, other similar music festivals and concerts... Read more
22 August, 2011 The Labor Government has secretly broken a key election promise by removing the $75 million Darlington interchange from the Southern Expressway duplication contract tender. The $445 million Southern Expressway project, including the $75 million inte... Read more
16 August, 2011 Education Department executives have confirmed backlog maintenance in government schools was a massive $172 million as at the end of last month. Chief Executive Keith Bartley told the Legislative Council Budget and Finance Committee there had only b... Read more
04 August, 2011 Evidence to the Budget and Finance Committee this week has confirmed the Department of Health and its budget are in total disarray. Under Treasurer Brett Rowse confirmed May budget figures showed the health budget had blown out by $88 million and th... Read more
04 August, 2011 South Australia has the most restrictive retail trading hours in the nation, according to a Productivity Commission report released today. The report, Economic Structure and Performance of the Australian Retail Industry, is a damning indictment of t... Read more
04 August, 2011 In a stunning admission, Treasury has confirmed it couldn’t show Shared Services was delivering payroll services cheaper than previously. The Executive Director of Shared Services SA, Damian Bourke, told the Legislative Council Budget and Finance Co... Read more
03 August, 2011 The South Australian Labor Government is lurching from crisis to crisis, ranging from embarrassing court cases to crippling leadership crises. Labor’s four point Crisis Plan is as follows:  An unnamed Labor MP will face court this month on charges... Read more

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