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26 June, 2013 The Weatherill Labor Government’s budget cuts have now extended to cutting nursing jobs. “This is yet another broken promise by Mr Weatherill, who has always said he would not cut ‘front line’ positions such as nurses, doctors, teachers and police,”... Read more
26 June, 2013 The EPAS IT project has blown out by another $14 million, bringing the new total cost to $422 million. This comes after it was revealed in Premier Weatherill’s Budget that there had been a $40 million blowout in Oracle, another Health IT project. “... Read more
22 June, 2013 The appointment of high priced consultants Bespoke Approach by the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (NRAH) consortium is a clear indication there are major problems with the project. Companies don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive tr... Read more
21 June, 2013 Labor division and disunity has continued under Premier Weatherill’s watch, this time over the issue of same-sex marriage. Bitter divisions have been revealed today as senior Labor MPs are unhappy about Mr Weatherill pushing to legislate for same-se... Read more
20 June, 2013 Shadow Minister for Health Rob Lucas said today the proposed closure of paediatric services at Modbury Hospital was due to financial mismanagement and waste relating to blowouts on a number of projects such as $40 million on the Oracle IT project. T... Read more
20 June, 2013 Health Minister Snelling must explain why there has been a significant reduction this year in referrals from SA Health to the Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) for home-based health care. It was revealed today at least 40 full-time jobs will be ... Read more
14 June, 2013 Shadow Health Minister Rob Lucas today accused Premier Weatherill of outrageous and shameless politicising of the public service. The attached political message attacking Federal Liberal leader Tony Abbott was circulated to all public servants in Pr... Read more
14 June, 2013 Premier Weatherill has continued to use his internal department website to mount partisan political attacks on Liberal Leader Steven Marshall today. “The Liberal Party has been contacted again today by public servants in the Premier’s own department... Read more
13 June, 2013 Premier Weatherill and Health Minister Snelling have broken another key Labor promise by closing the paediatric ward and services at Modbury Hospital. As recently as February this year, Minister Snelling had been promising families in the north east... Read more
12 June, 2013 Premier Weatherill’s Budget papers have revealed a massive blowout of more than $40 million in the total cost of SA Health's new Oracle Corporate Systems IT project. The Labor Government approved funding for Oracle in 2009 and commenced the process ... Read more
12 June, 2013 Minister Snelling stands condemned for wasting $40 million on an IT project blowout at a time when hospitals cannot meet the demand for emergency treatment for patients. Minister Snelling apologised today for the latest example of ‘queuing’ or ‘ramp... Read more
03 June, 2013 Shadow Health Minister Rob Lucas said today the Weatherill Labor Government was trying to keep secret the results of confidential planning studies done for the current RAH site. “A senior source within SA Health has confirmed just prior to the last ... Read more

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