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30 May, 2013 A critical question about whether ‘training was effective and relevant’ has been left unanswered in the BreastScreen report, Shadow Health Minister Rob Lucas said today. Associate Professor Warwick Lee’s report, released yesterday, on page 6 conclud... Read more
29 May, 2013 Evidence to the Legislative Council Budget and Finance Committee has confirmed the Shared Services SA (SSSA) project is in shambles. Government Services Group Executive Director Chris Oerman confirmed yesterday that not one Government department or ... Read more
29 May, 2013 A former Fairfax Media columnist was paid $1,500 by South Australian taxpayers to write Mr Weatherill’s first major speech after becoming Premier. The speech was delivered by Mr Weatherill to the ALP state convention the day after he took over the p... Read more
20 May, 2013 Shadow Minister for Health Rob Lucas said today doctors held 'grave concerns' that ramping problems experienced at the FMC would be replicated at the NRAH. SA Health sources have confirmed that the Weatherill Labor Government has adopted exactly the... Read more
17 May, 2013 Premier Weatherill must ensure that Health Minister Jack Snelling stops procrastinating and resolves the rapidly escalating South Coast Doctor crisis. More than 30 doctors that provide after hour care at the South Coast District Hospital at Victor H... Read more
15 May, 2013 Shadow Health Minister Rob Lucas said today Health Minister Snelling had to ‘back off’ and ensure government-employed media officers did not provoke industrial action by ambulance officers. Yesterday a government-employed media officer from Flinders... Read more
14 May, 2013 The Weatherill Labor Government is so embarrassed about its failure to control ramping at Flinders Medical Centre it is attempting to restrict media coverage. The Ambulance Employees’ Association has revealed that security has erected barriers to pr... Read more
02 May, 2013 Just one day after Premier Weatherill promised no more ‘political bulldust,’ Minister Snelling has just dumped a truckload of it on long suffering rural South Australians. Earlier this week, Minister Snelling finally relented after a long campaign b... Read more
02 May, 2013 Premier Weatherill on 8 November 2011 claimed that standards of civility and debate had to increase on his watch. Of course, Mr Weatherill made these hollow claims having spent – to that point – 10 years at Labor’s Cabinet table. Some of Mr Weather... Read more

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