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30 April, 2013 Premier Weatherill has done it again - another embarrassing gaffe reveals his Labor Government for what it is. Today, Premier Weatherill confessed people are sick of political “bulldust.” A remarkable commentary on the state of political debate in ... Read more
29 April, 2013 In a further embarrassing blow to Premier Weatherill and his Labor Government, Minister Koutsantonis has today admitted his over spruiking guilt. “This follows Mr Weatherill’s embarrassing gaffe last week, agreeing with the State Liberals that his L... Read more
26 April, 2013 Premier Weatherill’s over-spruiked China trip has amounted to a Rann style movie deal and the net loss of eight koalas. Premier Weatherill spruiked the trip as being about growing jobs: “…so it’s all about jobs. It’s about growing prosperity with t... Read more
24 April, 2013 Premier Weatherill and Minister O’Brien have been caught out publicly disagreeing with each other for the third separate occasion this year. In response to a question about whether South Australia had missed the mining boom, Mr Weatherill yesterday ... Read more
23 April, 2013 The Weatherill Labor Government has the wrong priorities for health, continuing to waste millions of dollars on consultants and a bloated bureaucracy whilst neglecting important services such as the Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS). Health... Read more
18 April, 2013 Health Minister Jack Snelling is placing $5.7 million in federal funding at risk because of his refusal to sign a public dental service agreement. The Federal Government has offered funding deals to all states to try to tackle critical issues in den... Read more
17 April, 2013 Shadow Health Minister Rob Lucas said today the State Liberals would not support any Labor Government attempts to siphon off doctor funds to pay hospital operating costs such as electricity bills. Australian Medical Association President Dr Peter Sh... Read more
15 April, 2013 Shadow Minister for Health Rob Lucas today slammed the Labor Government for its shabby and appalling treatment of long suffering employees who had taken separation packages. Two former Health employees have complained to the Liberal Party that separ... Read more
02 April, 2013 Shadow Health Minister Rob Lucas will visit the Riverland on Thursday to tour local health facilities and speak with key stakeholders. During the tour, Mr Lucas will visit a number of hospitals and discuss issues regarding staff numbers and front li... Read more

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