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19 March, 2010 Premier Rann and Treasurer Foley were desperate to avoid hard questions on their own black hole in the Labor Party’s costings document. “Mr Rann, Mr Foley and the Labor Party have failed to include one dollar in its spreadsheet for a ... Read more
19 March, 2010 Yesterday’s weak costings exercise by the Rann Government has once again demonstrated that Rann Labor is more about spin than substance. The failure of the Government to provide anything more than a flimsy two-page spreadsheet signed off by the Trea... Read more
19 March, 2010 The Rann Government is wasting up to $20,000 per student in a new scheme sending foster children to some of South Australia’s most expensive non-government schools instead of government schools. “This scheme is being driven by Familie... Read more
18 March, 2010 Premier Rann and the Labor Party had been embarrassingly caught out abusing the Government’s email database to circulate Labor Party campaign material to the state’s public servants. “This is also a clear breach of the Caretaker... Read more
18 March, 2010 Statements made by Treasurer Foley defending taxpayer funded expenses for overseas trips were not supported by documents released under Freedom of Information and official parliamentary travel records. “Mr Foley’s first trip under the... Read more
Foley tries to hide $168 million wages blowout
18 March, 2010 Leaks from senior sources within Treasury had revealed that Treasurer Foley had been trying to conceal a $168 million wages blowout in the budget. “The attached leaked document from Treasury and the Industrial Relations unit of Premier and Cabinet shows the actual annual wage bill increase... Read more
17 March, 2010 Labor MP John Rau’s campaign material from last week had revealed that even Labor MPs would prefer Isobel Redmond to Mike Rann. “In an extraordinary revelation Mr Rau cynically has tried to give the impression he has the endorsement of Isobel Redmon... Read more
17 March, 2010 Education Minister Jane Lomax-Smith had revealed why she needs to go back to school on the issue of schools across Adelaide. “Ms Lomax-Smith on radio this morning revealed she had no idea where Adelaide High School’s zone extended to,” Liberal MLC R... Read more
16 March, 2010 Mike Rann today confirmed that the Labor Party’s factional divisions were deepening only days from the State Election. “When asked whether he would serve his full term as Opposition Leader if Labor loses Saturday’s election, Mr ... Read more
14 March, 2010 Documents released under Freedom of Information revealed Premier Rann and Treasurer Foley had agreed secretly in the weeks leading up to the election to a massive $24,000 pay rise to a Ministerial staffer in Mr Foley’s office. “These ... Read more
14 March, 2010 Premier Rann and Treasurer Foley had made yet another costings error with their $394 million Convention Centre expansion. Mr Rann and Mr Foley claimed today in their media release that the recurrent (or ongoing) cost of their promise was $394 mil... Read more
13 March, 2010 Last night on the ABC program Stateline, Health Minister John Hill repeatedly refused to guarantee that Rann Labor’s Royal Adelaide Hospital plan would cost $1.7 billion. “In fact, the best Mr Hill could manage or stumble was that he ... Read more
12 March, 2010 Premier Mike Rann’s supposed new policy to release Cabinet Documents after 10 years had been exposed as a political stunt and a farce. “In August 2009, Mr Rann announced with much fanfare his new policy of releasing Cabinet Documents ... Read more
10 March, 2010 Treasurer Foley has displayed his incompetence and negligence for all to see after admitting he had not undertaken a separate government costing of the Rann Government’s supposed $450 million Adelaide Oval redevelopment. “In December ... Read more
09 March, 2010 Attorney-General Michael Atkinson today refused to support statements made by Premier Rann on the issue of road safety and hoon driving. “When Mr Atkinson was asked on morning radio whether he, like Mr Rann, had more confidence in Police Commissione... Read more
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