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31 December, 2010 Shadow Minister for Finance Rob Lucas said today the Rann Government’s troubled Shared Services Project has had an incredible staff turnover of 32 per cent in just two years. Documents released under Freedom of Information legislation have revealed ... Read more
29 December, 2010 Premier Rann’s promise after the election that he had “heard the message” and would “reconnect” with the community has been exposed as nothing more than a cruel hoax and political spin. After the first year of the new Parliament the Rann Government... Read more
16 December, 2010 What Foley didn’t highlight: Total revenue up $52m this year Treasurer Kevin Foley’s concentration on declining GST revenues in the Mid-Year Budget Review is just another example of political spin. “What Mr Foley didn’t highlight today was that tot... Read more
13 December, 2010 The Rann Government has provided no evidence the public-private partnership deal for the Royal Adelaide Hospital would save $170 million, as originally promised. “Three years ago, when Mr Foley first announced the PPP deal, he promised the private s... Read more
13 December, 2010 The Rann Government had rushed through a four year extension of the contract for Mr Rann’s Special Envoy to Europe Nicola Sasanelli in the last weeks before the state election. Evidence given today to the Legislative Council Budget and Finance Commi... Read more
09 December, 2010 The Rann Government has stooped to a new low in accountability by removing a requirement for government departments to report on overseas travel costs by public servants. “The Rann Government has changed government guidelines (DPC Circular 13 – Annu... Read more

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