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31 December, 2009 The Rann Government had refused to answer in excess of 2,500 questions on notice in the Parliament, some of which had been first asked seven years ago in December 2002. “Whilst official records have not been kept, it is clear the Rann Gover... Read more
29 December, 2009 The taxation regime under the Rann Government is stifling the states economy and suffocating small business. The independent Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) released its 2009 report of State Business Taxes revealing that South Australia’s business... Read more
23 December, 2009 Families and Communities Minister Jennifer Rankine’s office had refused to release names and details of her personal staff and had cited public safety issues as the bizarre explanation. “The arrogance of the Rann Government is clearly... Read more
23 December, 2009 Families and Communities Minister Jennifer Rankine had bungled again in her increasingly desperate attempt to conceal the names of all 21 staff in her taxpayer funded Ministerial office. After being questioned on radio station 5AA this afternoon ... Read more
14 December, 2009 A detailed analysis of the latest Auditor General’s Report revealed the Rann Government was spending at least $200 million per year on consultants, contractors and agency staff. “Total claimed consultancy costs for 2008-09 were $27 mi... Read more
01 December, 2009 Shadow Minister for Finance Rob Lucas said today that all members of the Statutory Authorities Review Committee had reported they were ‘appalled’ at some of the evidence given to an inquiry into the operation of the Rann Government’s Office of the Pu... Read more
01 December, 2009 A Parliamentary Committee had recommended independent vetting of Premier Mike Rann’s government advertising. The Select Committee on Taxpayer Funded Government Advertising Campaigns proposed that the Auditor General investigate proposed campaigns an... Read more

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