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29 October, 2010 The Rann Labor Government has made yet another embarrassing stuff-up, this time in relation to its Statutes Amendment (Budget) Bill 2010. “We now have an embarrassing situation where the Rann Government has had to amend its own Budget legis... Read more
22 October, 2010 The CEO of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet has confirmed that Budget cuts of $18.3 million over four years in the department were not detailed in the Budget documents. “Mr Chris Eccles also told the Budget and Finance Committee this week i... Read more
20 October, 2010 Evidence given to a Parliamentary Committee has confirmed that a Spin Doctor in Premier Rann’s office was being paid about $80,000 per year more than previously revealed by Mr Rann. In evidence to the Legislative Council Budget and Finance ... Read more
20 October, 2010 Premier Mike Rann’s defence to hidden payments of up to $80,000 to his Spin Doctors is simply laughable. “Mr Rann, through his Spin Doctor Jill Bottrall, today stated that ‘superannuation benefits were not considered a monetary... Read more
17 October, 2010 Documents released under Freedom of Information revealed the Rann Labor Government had a ‘secret army’ of 200 ‘Spin Doctors’ hidden in government departments helping the Government to spin its political messages. “Th... Read more
12 October, 2010 Evidence given to a Parliamentary Committee confirmed that some Budget cuts had not been detailed by the Rann Government in its Budget documents. “Allan Holmes, CEO of the Department for Environment and Natural Resources, told the Legislative Counci... Read more
03 October, 2010 Treasurer Kevin Foley’s personal mobile phone bill for 2009 cost South Australian taxpayers a massive $22,000. “Mr Foley must explain publicly why he is wasting up to $22,000 per annum when there are many local phone plans offering unlimited nationa... Read more

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