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26 October, 2009 Evidence given to the Legislative Council Budget and Finance Committee confirmed that after only three months the Health Department was facing another budget blowout of about $80 million. “Under Treasurer Jim Wright told the Committee that ... Read more
18 October, 2009 Families on waiting lists for surgery in our hospitals would be outraged when they see the thousands of taxpayer dollars being wasted on lunches and dinners for public servants earning more than $300,000 per annum. “Some of these expenses are outrag... Read more
12 October, 2009 Evidence given to a Parliamentary Committee revealed there had been a massive $120 million blowout in the Health Department’s annual budget. Dr Tony Sherbon, Health Department CEO, revealed to the Legislative Council Budget and Finance Comm... Read more
11 October, 2009 Premier Mike Rann must introduce new controls of accountability on Ministers’ extravagant spending on overseas and interstate travel and entertainment. “As a first step Ministers should be required to provide details of total costs, purpose and resu... Read more
11 October, 2009 Extravagant and unreasonable travel and entertainment expenses by Rann Government Ministers showed how arrogant and out of touch Premier Rann and Treasurer Foley had become. “At a time when public servants’ wage rises are being restri... Read more

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