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To vote out Labor, vote for your local Liberal candidate

Friday, 14 March 2014

South Australians go to the polls tomorrow, but to vote out Labor, South Australians must vote for their local Liberal candidate.

“When South Australians vote tomorrow they will have a clear choice between a united and energetic Liberal team and a divided, dysfunctional and tired Weatherill Labor Government with no ideas and no plans,” said Liberal campaign spokesman Rob Lucas.

“However, South Australians must vote for their local Liberal candidate to vote out Labor and elect a Marshall Liberal Government.

“South Australian families and businesses are suffering under the pressure of the nation’s highest taxes, highest utility prices, falling business confidence and rising unemployment under Premier Weatherill and his Labor Government.

“On Premier Weatherill’s watch, South Australia is in the midst of a dangerous jobs crisis.

“South Australia’s unemployment rate is 6.7 per cent – the worst on mainland Australia.”

Under Labor since 2002:

• Water bills have increased by 227 per cent;
• Electricity bills have increased by 140 per cent;
• Gas bills have increased by 136 per cent;
• State taxes have increased by 92 per cent; and,
• Property charges have increased by 87 per cent.

During the same period, inflation has only been 39 per cent.

“After 12 long years of Jay Weatherill and Labor, you can help put South Australia back on track by voting for your local Liberal candidate,” said Mr Lucas.

“If you want to vote Labor out, vote for your local Liberal candidate tomorrow.”

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