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Another confidential document leaked to damage Weatherill

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Another confidential document has been deliberately leaked to the State Liberals designed to damage the integrity of the besieged Premier Weatherill.

In December 2013, Mr Weatherill announced the appointment of Labor mate and former federal Minister Greg Combet as Automotive Industry Advisor, claiming the total payment would be $160,000 per annum.

However, a confidential invoice from Greg Combet Pty Ltd dated 6 Jan 2014 showed Mr Weatherill paid Mr Combet $400 per hour for eight hours work on 19 December 2013 for a total payment of $3,520 (incl GST).

Liberal spokesman Rob Lucas said at that rate, Mr Combet was actually being paid the equivalent of $832,000 per annum for 52 weeks at 40 hours per week.

“It now appears that Mr Combet is only going to have to work the equivalent of 10 weeks for his $160,000 – he will be paid at his $400 per hour rate for 400 hours,” said Mr Lucas.

“This leaked document clearly strikes a dagger blow at the integrity of the besieged Premier Weatherill.

“The person who leaked this document is simply outraged at the deceptive claim made by Mr Weatherill and believes he should not be allowed to get away with it before the State Election.

“Sadly for Mr Weatherill, he has been exposed again for using sneaky and tricky tactics to try to conceal the truth from South Australian voters before the election.

“Automotive industry workers who are facing an uncertain future will be outraged that taxpayers are paying the equivalent of $832,000 per annum to a Labor mate to provide advice to Mr Weatherill on a strategy that appears to be based significantly on abusing the Prime Minister and his Government.

“Mr Weatherill continues to lurch from crisis to crisis and has no plan to put our state’s economy back on track after 12 long years of Labor.”

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