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Snelling must explain reduction in referrals

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Health Minister Snelling must explain why there has been a significant reduction this year in referrals from SA Health to the Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) for home-based health care.

It was revealed today at least 40 full-time jobs will be lost from the RDNS because of this reduction in referrals.

Shadow Health Minister Rob Lucas said the reduction in referrals had occurred since Mr Snelling became Minister for Health.

“Given Government representatives have told journalists today there hasn’t been a significant reduction in referrals, I challenge Mr Snelling to come clean and reveal the number of referrals this year compared to last year,” said Mr Lucas.

“Home-based health care is an important way of reducing pressure on our hospitals. It is cost-effective and sensible to provide nurse care to patients in their home as soon as possible after leaving hospital.

“Given the length of stay for patients in South Australian hospitals is longer than the national average, it doesn’t make sense to significantly reduce referrals to a cost-effective healthcare option for patients.

“Minister Snelling needs to explain why the number of referrals has significantly fallen, costing jobs and impacting negatively on the efficiency of our health system which is already straining under a massive workload.”


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