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Weatherill now features Labor Party attack ad on internal Department website

Friday, 14 June 2013

Premier Weatherill has continued to use his internal department website to mount partisan political attacks on Liberal Leader Steven Marshall today.

“The Liberal Party has been contacted again today by public servants in the Premier’s own department expressing great concern at the Premier’s outrageous use of taxpayer-funded resources,” said Shadow Health Minister Rob Lucas.

Today Premier Weatherill has been highlighting on the department’s internal website the Labor Party’s attack advertisement on State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall (as attached).

“It is contrary to every principle of an independent public service that Premier Weatherill should be featuring party political advertising on a taxpayer-funded internal department website,” said Mr Lucas.

“Clearly Mr Weatherill has just ‘thumbed his nose’ at criticism of his actions and he intends to ignore all guidelines and conventions governing what is acceptable material for a taxpayer-funded department website.”

Mr Lucas has emailed Jim Hallion, CEO of the Premier’s Department, to express concern over the outrageous misuse of his Department’s intranet site for party political purposes.

Many public servants in DPC have expressed dismay to Mr Lucas at the blatant politicisation of the taxpayer-funded Department intranet.

Mr Lucas has also urged Mr Hallion to take immediate action as Chief Executive of the Department to cease further use by Premier Weatherill of the Department intranet in such a partisan political fashion.

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