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Shared Services shambles

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Evidence to the Legislative Council Budget and Finance Committee has confirmed the Shared Services SA (SSSA) project is in shambles.

Government Services Group Executive Director Chris Oerman confirmed yesterday that not one Government department or agency had taken up the option of allowing SSSA to manage their ICT functions on their behalf.

The original plan was that Tranche 4 covering ICT services would be transferred to SSSA two years ago for all departments.

However, after strong opposition from departments, the Government allowed all departments to either opt in to SSSA management or to stay out and manage it themselves.

“This stunning revelation is proof that the Labor Government’s experiment with SSSA is a disaster and only survives due to Government compulsorily requiring departments to participate,” said Shadow Health Minister Rob Lucas.

“This rejection of SSSA comes on top of stunning criticism of SSSA’s performance by Michael Abbott, Chairman of the Art Gallery Board.”

Mr Abbott has stated in a letter to the Auditor-General in September 2012 that:

“I must inform you that I and the board have no confidence that any accounts prepared by Shared Services in fact accurately reflect the true financial state of the Art Gallery's financial affairs.”

Mr Abbott went on to say that if it weren’t for the fact the Government required them to use SSSA they would have ‘terminated their services long ago.’

Mr Oerman also concluded there was significant concern being expressed by Chief Executives of other departments:

The CHAIRPERSON: “Is it not correct that a number of those other CEOs did express significant concerns to you about the quality of some of the services that Shared Services were delivering to them?”
Mr OERMAN: “That's right; the level of service was an issue.”

(Legislative Council Budget and Finance Committee, 28/5/2013, p1739)

“Part-Time Treasurer Jay Weatherill and Minister for Finance Michael O’Brien stand condemned for another massive failure of financial management by the Labor Government,” said Mr Lucas.

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