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Labor’s secret plan: increase taxes and charges

Wednesday, 8 March 2006

The Rann Government would have to increase taxes and charges to help fund its massive spending spree during the election campaign, Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today.

“National press reports have estimated the total spending spree at $400 million but, the total is about $864m* since the release of the Mid-Year Budget Review and there is still 10 days of reckless Labor spending to go,” Mr Lucas said. *See attached table

“So far, Mr Rann and Mr Foley have given confused and conflicting responses to the question of where the money is coming from.

“If Mr Foley’s latest position is to be believed – i.e. he won’t be reducing any of the extra 9000 public servants he’s employed – then his only option is to again increase taxes and charges.

“To put it simply, Rann and Foley have ‘form’ in this area!

“This government is the highest taxing government in South Australia’s history and is now collecting $2.3 billion more revenue this year than in 2001-02.

“They also broke their key election promise from the last election, when they promised not to introduce any new taxes or increase any existing taxes and charges.

“Whilst Rann and Foley are likely to again deny any plan to increase taxes, South Australians will not believe them based on their own words and record:

“You do not have the moral fibre to go back on your promise. I have…”
Kevin Foley, Hansard, 15 July 2002

“In fact, Kevin Foley signed a written guarantee to an industry group prior to the last election promising not to increase taxes on that industry.

“Straight after the written guarantee, the Labor Party received more than $100,000 in election donations from the industry group!

“After the 2002 election Rann and Foley used the above statement to justify their broken promise of a massive increase in taxes.

“The Liberal Party is the only party at this election promising to put money back into the pockets of long-suffering taxpayers.

“By taking tough decisions to cut Labor Government waste, $80m in concessions to older South Australians and $75m in land tax cuts will be delivered by a Liberal Government.”



Date Announcement TOTAL ($’million)

25/01/2006 Emergency Departments $67m extra funding from the Mid-Year Budget Review 67
27/01/2006 Children's Literacy Skills $35m program 35
27/01/2006 $13.3m funding boost for Home & Community Care - $8.9m in new recurrent funding and $4.4m one-off funding 13.3
30/01/2006 $36.3m injection for education - $24.6m additional needs students, $11.6m support for increased enrolments 36.3
30/01/2006 $1m for local sports groups 1
3/02/2006 Cancer treating equipment - linear accelerators $8m funding boost 8
4/02/2006 Ten $1000 scholarships for female coaches 0.01
6/02/2006 Multi-million-dollar security upgrade for public transport ($9.2m in Mid-Year Budget Review) 9.2
6/02/2006 $3.5m to help young offenders break the cycle - crime prevention program 3.5
7/02/2006 Grants totalling $500,000 for sport and community clubs 0.5
7/02/2006 Fund maintenance of Centennial Park Derrick Gardens veterans sites 0
7/02/2006 $500,000 for gravity survey of Gawler Craton out of an existing PACE program 0.5
7/02/2006 $1m for new mental health Program out of an existing $25 m program 1
8/02/2006 Health call centre $8m ($5.6m in Mid-Year Budget Review) 5.6
9/02/2006 $600,000 provided to the local wine industry for SA wine export initiatives 0.6
9/02/2006 Southern Cross replica aircraft restoration 0
9/02/2006 $1bn Northern Facelift - Govt cost not listed and unknown 0
9/02/2006 $8.1m investment for Health in South 8.1
9/02/2006 $27,000 grant to Loveday Basin - Riverland 0.275
9/02/2006 $46m loan for Ingham to set up operations in Edinburgh Parks 46
10/02/2006 $250,000 for Interdominion Harness Racing Carnival 0.25
13/02/2006 $800,000 for support for inner city homeless 0.2
14/02/2006 One-off payments to welfare organisations for homelessness 2.1
14/02/2006 Provision of training for software engineers for defence contractors (CEDISC program) 4.73
14/02/2006 $400,000 provided through Planning SA for greater public access to West Beach. Part of Government's Coast Park Development 0.4
15/02/2006 $2m for "Improving with Age" project 2
15/02/2006 New criterium cycling track design and specifications. 0.1
15/02/2006 Regional Open Space Enhancement Subsidy scheme - grants for local councils 0.833
16/02/2006 Rural Scholarships for Health Workers 0.465
16/02/2006 Funding 10 new medical places at Adelaide and Flinders Universities 4.2
17/02/2006 8 new seismic stations funded by the Commonwealth and various State agencies 0.21
17/02/2006 $300,000 for reducing teen smoking as part of SA Strategic Plan. 0.3
17/02/2006 $25,000 for Power community Youth Plan, reducing teen smoking 0.025
17/02/2006 $5m for vulnerable children and families - Keeping Them Safe Strategy 5
17/02/2006 $240,000 for urban development projects - part of people for places scheme 0.24
18/02/2006 Increase in Funding ($82,500) to ethnic schools 0.083
18/02/2006 Stormwater agreement LGA - allocation of $4m pa for 30 years - continuation of existing program 120
18/02/2006 $200,000 for Statewide sporting initiatives - stage 3 of Statewide enhancement program 0.2
18/02/2006 Disability Equipment 3.5
18/02/2006 Richard Llewellyn Arts and Disability Trust Fund 1
18/02/2006 - children in state care 1
18/02/2006 - community groups and respite services 1
18/02/2006 $5m one-off grant to Homes for 100 program - Bedford Foundation contributing $5m also 5
22/02/2006 400 extra police to be recruited over next 4 years - 100 extra each year -$112m extra 4 years 112
23/02/2006 Employ 100 extra teachers to deliver smaller class sizes $28m program over 4 years 28
24/02/2006 $10m over 4 years shared care program that will place 30 psychologists, therapists, nurses and social workers in local GP clinics across the state, to help people with mental illnesses 10
24/02/2006 $10.5 million over four years on the Healthy Young Minds program, employing community outreach therapists to help children and young people (20 extra mental health workers and 3 psychiatrists, 2 specialist mental health workers and a consulting psychiatrist) 10.5
25/02/2006 Adelaide Fringe -extra $2.2m over the next 4 years 2.2
26/02/2006 New ambulance station at McLaren Vale $800,000 capital - $970,000 operating pa 3.71
27/02/2006 $22m disability package 0
- $300,000 extra pa for recurrent equipment 1.2
- $500,000 extra pa for rec and sport grant scheme 2
- $2.3m extra pa for people with intellectual disability - 40 group home places 30 in home support packages 9.2
- $1m extra pa for adults with physical or neurological conditions - 50 in home support packages 4
- $1.4m extra pa for adults with brain injury - 70 in home support packages 5.6
27/02/2006 Mineral resources and heavy engineering skills centre for Upper Spencer Gulf and Outback region - centre to be industry driven - $8m 8
28/02/2006 $8m over 4 years for a team of 50 nurses to be placed in GP clinics across the State 8
28/02/2006 $140m Underpass for Sturt & South Road 140
1/03/2006 10 new one stop family shops - combining childcare, pre school, school and health services - $30m over 4 years 30
2/03/2006 One-off book grant of $1m to buy every preschool and childcare centre more children’s books 1
3/03/2006 20 extra park rangers - extra $3.672m over 4 years committed to this 3.672
3/03/2006 Establish a climate change research unit at Adelaide Uni - annual funding of $250,000 1
3/03/2006 Cycle paths - Glenelg tram line and Willunga to Marino 1
4/03/2006 $8m upgrade for Dunstan Playhouse 8
5/03/2006 $400 rebate for plumbing new & existing rainwater tanks to the home - costs not given 0
5/03/2006 $6m on River Murray regional forest from Morgan to Renmark 6
6/03/2006 Build next 3 of 10 planned GP health care centres - total cost $35m 35
6/03/2006 In addition allocate $6.5m to run and staff the 3 new centres over the next 4 years 6.5
6/03/2006 Public dental services extra $12m over 4 years 12
6/03/2006 Extension of $120 annual energy concession and also give the one-off $150 energy concession to eligible people who don’t have their electricity individually metered 1.5
7/03/2006 10 new trade schools at a cost of $24.8m. Total costs $79.3m over 5 years incorporating Government, Catholic and Independent schools sectors 24.8

total 863.603


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