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First Rann Government Cabinet documents to be released

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Shadow Minister for Finance Rob Lucas today called on Premier Weatherill to ensure his Department meets the guidelines for the timely release of Cabinet documents.

From today, Cabinet documents from the first year of the Rann Labor Government (2002) are meant to be available for the first time after a process of application.

Under the Government’s ’10 Year Cabinet document release’ policy, applications are meant to be processed within 30 days by Mr Weatherill’s department.

However, there have been significant delays in releasing documents with some documents not being released for up to two years after application. Some media outlets have reported delays of more than 12 months in receiving documents.

The Liberal Party still hasn’t received documents three years after first making an application.

Given that the 2002 Cabinet documents cover the first 12 months of the incoming minority Rann Labor Government, there is likely to be increased interest from media, academics and politicians in the timely release of the Cabinet documents.

Some cynics might also suggest Mr Weatherill and his Ministers would prefer to see the release of some of these documents delayed until after the March 2014 election.

The Liberal Party will be lodging applications for documents this week or as soon as the Cabinet list is published. Some of the issues likely to be covered are:

 The nature of agreements with Independent MP Peter Lewis who, based on commitments given to him, supported the formation of a Labor Government.
 The first of many broken promises by the Labor Government when they increased taxes on gaming machines after they had accepted a $100,000 donation from the AHA after signing a written promise not to increase taxes on gaming machines.
 Labor’s first budget in 2002 which included a number of further broken promises.
 Labor’s breach of the tender process for the Port Adelaide redevelopment when the bid documents of one bidder were given to another bidder.

“Mr Weatherill must ensure resources are reallocated within his Department to ensure sufficient resources are made available to ensure documents can be released as close as practically possible to the expected 30 day timeline,” Mr Lucas said.

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