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Foley squibs land tax meeting

Thursday, 23 February 2006

Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today that Treasurer Kevin Foley had squibbed attending a land tax protest meeting held in the vital electorate of Norwood last night.

Between 200 and 300 long-suffering South Australian taxpayers attended the meeting in the Norwood Town Hall to express their concern to Mr Foley and other members of the Labor Government about their land tax policies.

"Not one Labor MP including local MP Vini Ciccarello was brave enough to attend and listen to the concerns of these taxpayers and defend their Government’s appalling tax record. After the meeting, there were many Norwood electors who were very angry their local MP had deliberately snubbed them," Mr Lucas said.

The chair of the Land Tax Reform Association, John Darley, informed the meeting that after months of trying to get a response from Mr Foley a staff member only informed him 90 minutes before the meeting that Mr Foley would not attend.

"Mr Foley evidently told journalists that land tax protesters had been rude and abusive to him at last year’s protest meeting and he didn’t want to go through that again!

"As one protester stated last night, “what a sook!!”

"The very many business people, public servants, community representatives and others over the years who have been personally abused by Mr Foley will be stunned by the hypocrisy.

"Evidently Mr Foley loves to dish it out but lacks the personal courage to face up to opponents of his tax policies.

"Reminds me of the schoolyard bully!!!"

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