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Another Labor lie

Thursday, 23 February 2006

The Government’s claim that the Liberal Party has admitted its own policy will put up unemployment is another Labor lie, Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today.

“Liberal policies being announced through this campaign will improve job growth in South Australia, particularly compared to Labor’s poor performance on job growth relative to national job growth since 2002,” Mr Lucas said today.

“Liberal policies of putting money back into the pockets of South Australian families – $80 million concessions over four years, $75 million land tax cuts over three years and others to be announced – will mean more job growth in South Australia as they spend their money on South Australian goods and services.

“The story in the national newspaper today did not report these comments as reasons why ‘we don’t see any significant blip’ in the state’s unemployment rate as a result of our policy to reduce public service numbers.

“Policies such as doubling the size of the Regional Development Infrastructure Funds and others being announced through the campaign are all directed toward stimulating job growth in South Australia.

“Labor continues to claim that 4000 public servants will be sacked. That is untrue.

“Most of the job reductions will be achieved through voluntary separation packages, which means that most of these public servants will choose to go into early retirement, take another job in the private sector or start their own small business.

“Another part of the total job reduction will be achieved through attrition.

“Finally, the small number of public servants out of the 4000 who do not have their contracts renewed are likely to be the only ones who might have a short period to wait before finding other employment.

“The fact that the Liberal Party has now announced it will employ another 400 police in the next four years will more than likely counterbalance the potential impact of this aspect of the job reduction.

“Liberal policies, if implemented over the next four years, will lead to stronger job growth in South Australia than if current Labor policies are continued.”

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