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Liberal policy gets nod from NSW Labor

Thursday, 23 February 2006

The New South Wales Government’s imitation of a key Liberal Party cost-saving measure has blown out of the water criticism by Mr Rann and Mr Foley of plans to cut back the South Australian public service, Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today.

New South Wales Labor Premier Morris Iemma has today announced plans to cut 5000 public service jobs through voluntary redundancies.

The Liberal Party this week announced plans to reduce by 4000 the number of South Australian public servants out of Labor’s increase of 8000-9000, as part of a program of cutting Labor waste and changing Labor’s wrong priorities.

This will be done with no forced redundancies, and no cuts to police, teachers, nurses, doctors and other high priority areas.

The Rann Government has made outrageous and untrue claims about the policy:

“Four thousand of these vital services would be stripped away from the public. I mean, I think this is a frightening development and typical of what the Liberals would do in Government.”
Kevin Foley, 5AA, 21 February 2006

“… this is bizarre economic policies and I think frightening economic policies that a Liberal Party would campaign on increasing the level of unemployment in this State, proud and boasting that they’re going to get rid of and sack 4,000 public sector workers, delivering frontline services.”
Kevin Foley, ABC Radio, 23 February 2006

“Mr Rann and Mr Foley must now explain why they are so opposed to efficiencies in Government services and the spending of taxpayers’ money, when their New South Wales counterparts are now heading down the very same road,” Mr Lucas said today.

“Mr Foley’s claim that 4000 public servants would be sacked and that the state’s unemployment rate would increase by 0.5% is another Labor lie.”

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