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Foley’s favourite fairytale must have been Pinocchio!

Friday, 17 February 2006

Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today that Mr Foley had embarrassed himself and the Labor Government in a 45-minute closed door briefing for journalists in a desperate attempt to defend his government’s disappointing economic record.

"However, no amount of political spin from Mr Foley could hide the brutal truth that South Australia’s economic growth and export growth trail badly the national figures and that 12,000 South Australians have missed out on jobs because our job growth rate trails the national growth rate," Mr Lucas said.

Mr Foley’s embarrassing performance included the following deliberate distortions and misleading claims:

- used five-year economic growth figures (GSP) – because Labor’s three-year growth figures were so bad, he included two years of strong growth from the term of the former Liberal Government to improve South Australia’s relative performance!
- used one month’s motor vehicle sales figures – because motor vehicle sales in South Australia over the last year were the second-worst in the nation, Mr Foley used misleading figures for just one month!
- used three-monthly export figures – because Labor’s three-year record shows a 10% drop in exports whilst national figures increased by 13%, Mr Foley had to use the misleading three-month figures.

Mr Lucas said that, whilst the Federal Government must be given credit for the strength of the national economy in recent years, Mr Foley and Mr Rann have to accept responsibility for South Australia not getting its fair share of that national economic growth.

"When Rob Kerin launched the election campaign ten days ago he made it clear honesty would be a key part of the election debate.

"Sadly for Mr Foley, he has again failed to measure up to this high standard.

"Clearly Mr Foley’s favourite fairytale as a child must have been Pinocchio!!!"

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