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Foley fuels Labor disunity

Friday, 2 September 2011

Former leadership aspirant Kevin Foley has sent a warning to Premier-in-waiting Jay Weatherill, fuelling Labor’s disunity.

“Mr Foley obviously has no confidence in Labor’s anointed Premier-in-waiting Jay Weatherill,” Shadow Finance Minister Rob Lucas said today.

“If Mr Weatherill’s own colleagues have no trust in him, why should South Australians trust Mr Weatherill to govern the state?

“Mr Foley, whilst overseas on his 34th trip as a Minister, has warned Mr Weatherill not to try to diminish the legacy of Mr Rann and Mr Foley when he becomes Premier.

“Mr Foley has also warned Mr Weatherill that he will have to abandon his ‘Left leaning idealism’ and embrace the Labor Party’s Right wing.

“Mr Foley, whose ego needs no stroking, said of his and Mr Rann’s leadership team, “F . . k we were good, despite negative media.”

“This is so typical of this Labor Government’s arrogance and why it is so out of touch with the concerns of South Australian families.

“It is clear that Mr Foley’s presence in the Cabinet and Labor Government is going to be a continuing source of division and instability.

“Mr Foley’s continued outbursts will continue to portray Mr Weatherill as a weak leader unable to control his own Party and Government.”

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