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Labor’s four point Crisis Plan

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The South Australian Labor Government is lurching from crisis to crisis, ranging from embarrassing court cases to crippling leadership crises.

Labor’s four point Crisis Plan is as follows:

 An unnamed Labor MP will face court this month on charges of child pornography

 This week the person who allegedly assaulted Police Minister Kevin Foley will appear before the Courts

 Local Government Minister Russell Wortley faced and lost a vote of no confidence last week

 Minister Jay Weatherill has launched a failed assassination of lame duck Premier Mike Rann, resulting in crippling disunity and farce

“Labor’s four point Crisis Plan is like Dad’s Army meets the Keystone Cops – this has become absolutely farcical,” Rob Lucas said today.

“The truth is Labor is lurching from crisis to crisis and has become a sideshow.

“Instead Labor is focussed on the unnamed MP facing court this month on charges of child pornography along with Mr Foley’s court case this week.

“They’re also focussed on incompetent Minister Wortley and faceless union bosses telling Labor who should be leading the Government.

“Any one of Labor’s four crises is enough to cripple a Government – let alone all four of these recent crises.

“South Australia will be in paralysis until Labor ends its bloody and messy leadership crisis, as instigated by faceless union bosses.

“Mr Weatherill hasn’t had the guts to eyeball Mr Rann and tell him his time is up and has been too weak to actually finish off the political execution.

“Mr Weatherill’s weakness is a very bad sign for any future leader and for South Australia.

“This botched execution attempt is a recipe for chaos which is clearly not in the public interest.

“Instead of focussing on its four point Crisis Plan, Labor should be focussed on how to repair dwindling business confidence and reduce cost of living pressures on South Australians.”

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