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Bumbling Wortley forced to take media training

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Embattled Local Government Minister Russell Wortley was ordered to undergo urgent media training last week, Shadow Finance Minister Rob Lucas revealed today.

“Government ministers and spin doctors were so concerned at Mr Wortley’s bumbling performance over the Burnside inquiry they decided urgent remedial action needed to be taken,” Mr Lucas said.

“Leaked information from Government sources indicated the training was undertaken by Channel 10 Sports Presenter Mark Aiston through his company MediaInsider.

“The Liberal Party revealed in May this year that other Labor Government Ministers had undertaken training with Mr Aiston’s company at a cost to taxpayers of $2000 for a four hour course for each of the Ministers.

“Mr Wortley should now indicate what the cost to taxpayers has been for his media training and whether any further media training sessions are planned.

“The Labor Government has still not answered questions put in May about the total cost to taxpayers for media training for all Ministers.

“Having seen Mr Wortley’s media performance on Friday, it is clear considerably more taxpayer funded training might be required!

“The other alternative of course is that the Premier could sack the Minister and try and find someone else better able to handle the requirements of being a Minister.

“Either way, the Government needs to justify why it is spending taxpayers’ money on external media training rather than using one of the many highly-paid spin doctors they already have on the Government payroll.”

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