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POOR OLD ATKO! Now a member of his own staff blows a hole in his story

Thursday, 1 December 2005

Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today that the hapless Attorney General Michael Atkinson was looking increasingly isolated after a key member of his own staff blew a key element of the Attorney’s story out of the water.

Mr George Karzis (Ministerial Advisor to Mr Atkinson) position remains that at a critical meeting between Mr Atkinson, Mr Randall Ashbourne and Mr Karzis in late2002 there was a discussion about Government boards and committee positions being offered to Mr Ralph Clarke.

This is in direct conflict with the claims made by Mr Atkinson. Mr Atkinson’s claim has been that there was no discussion of Government boards and committee positions to Mr Clarke at this critical meeting.

In relation to the key questions as to whether Mr Atkinson has misled the Parliament or breached the Ministerial Code of Conduct the issue of whether boards and committees for Mr Clarke were discussed at this meeting in late 2002 are absolutely critical.

Mr Karzis was unable to explain to the Legislative Council select committee today the clear conflict between his position and Mr Atkinson’s position.

In recent months a series of key witnesses to the Committee have caused grief to Mr Atkinson and his version of events on this issue.

It appears that for a number of witnesses one of the few things they can agree on is they disagree with key aspects of Mr Atkinson’s story!

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