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Liberals act to stop Rann shutting down Atkinson Select Committees

Friday, 18 November 2005

The Liberal Party will try to prevent the Rann Government from closing down the Parliament and key Select Committees for almost four months, Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today.

“The Rann Government continues to be embarrassed by the actions of the hapless Attorney-General, Mr Atkinson, and the constant revelations coming from the ‘Stashed Cash’ and ‘Atkinson/Ashbourne/Clarke Affair’ Select Committees in the Legislative Council,” Mr Lucas said.

“The Rann Government has taken legal advice on how they might be able to shut down a number of important Select Committees as well as preventing the Parliament from sitting.”

Mr Lucas said the Liberal Party in the Legislative Council would move a motion to ensure the Legislative Council sits for a one- or two-week period in late January and early February.

“The Liberal Party will also be moving separate motions to allow important select committees to continue sitting and keep the Rann Government accountable until the start of the election period,” Mr Lucas said.

“These motions will include key committees such as the two Atkinson committees, the electricity and petrol industry select committees.

“Based on my discussions with minor party and independent Members in the Legislative Council I am optimistic these motions will be passed by the Legislative Council.

“It is now clear that Mr Rann is not prepared to keep the many promises he made before the last election about being open and accountable.

“Most South Australians will not believe it is fair or appropriate for Mr Rann to try to stop these important committees from working just because it is proving embarrassing for Mr Rann and his Government.

“Most South Australians also will not believe State Parliament should not sit for almost four months just because Mr Rann does not want to be held to account for his actions.

“Given industry predictions of possible widespread blackouts in South Australia this summer due to Rann Government broken promises it is not surprising Mr Rann doesn’t want Parliament to sit at all during the summer months.”

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