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Rann hypocrisy on party political advertising

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Mike Rann is spending more than a million dollars of taxpayers’ money on a series of pre-election advertising campaigns, Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today.

In the last few months we have seen television and radio campaigns on the following (see attached):

• Rann Government’s State Strategic Plan claiming ‘stunning’ results such as the new Adelaide Airport terminal which started before the Plan was announced
• Air Warfare Destroyer contract – Mr Rann telling everyone we had won the contract after the decision had already been announced
• Law and Order – Mr Rann telling us what a good job he is doing keeping people safe
• Airport Terminal Opening – Mr Rann telling us about free bus services to the airport

“Mr Rann’s hypocrisy on this issue is mind-boggling,” Mr Lucas said today.

In June 2001 Mr Rann held a joint press conference with Nick Xenophon supporting legislation to ban taxpayer-funded party political advertising:

“When you see a politician in an ad then you know, basically, it’s about politics.”
Mike Rann, Channel 9, 3 June, 2001.

“South Australian ministers will be forced to pay $100,000 out of their own pockets if they authorise the use of taxpayers’ money for party political advertising.

“No Pokies MP Nick Xenophon, who will introduce a bill into the upper house on Wednesday in an effort to curb spending on political advertising, was at a press conference with Opposition Leader Mike Rann yesterday that announced Labor would support the legislation.”
The Australian, 4 June 2001

“If this advertising had only included details of new Government programs such as pensioner concessions then the Liberal Party would at least acknowledge that it was consistent with past practice,” Mr Lucas said.

“However, this pre-election advertising splurge goes far beyond past practice and certainly far beyond what Mr Rann promised.

“Mr Rann should release details of how much money has been spent this year and how much more he intends to spend in the period leading up to the election.”

(Background Music – Ben Lee “We’re All In This Together”)

Still – What sort of future will our children have in South Australia?
Still – The best way to predict the future is to create it
Voiceover: “South Australia has a Strategic Plan. For a couple of years now people in government, business and the community have been working hard at fulfilling that plan. The results are stunning – the air warfare destroyer contract, the new airport terminal and a renewed focus on improving health and education are just the beginning. Play your part in the plan.”
Still –
Government of South Australia
Still – Authorised by the State Government, Adelaide.
Spoken by J. Robinson and B. Lee.
Voiceover: “Authorised by the State Government, Adelaide.”


Still – When South Australians are united behind a cause, no one can stop us and no one can beat us.
Man on phone: “G’day, Premier. I’ve got some very good news. ASC have won the contract.”
Rann: “It’s about jobs for our kids; it’s about jobs for our kids for decades to come.”
Still – SA Government logo on the left with Defence written over the word READY on the right.
Still – This is just the beginning.
Voiceover: “Authorised by Mike Rann, Adelaide.”
Still – Authorised by Mike Rann, Adelaide. Spoken by M. Rann & G. Ward.


Rann: “This is Mike Rann. Everyone is entitled to feel safe in their homes and communities and while I am pleased that crime rates are coming down the State Government will continue to do more to ensure our neighbourhoods are safe. We now have a record number of police on the beat and we are still recruiting. We are also providing more money for crime fighting including DNA testing and we have been changing the laws with much tougher sentences to ensure the punishment fits the crime. Last week we announced a new community policing initiative designed to put extra police on the ground where they are needed. And we are expanding the Neighbourhood Watch program to better educate communities on crime prevention. Let’s keep our state safe.”

Voiceover: “A message from the Government of South Australia.”


Rann: “Hi this is Mike Rann. South Australia is on the move – first the train to Darwin and then winning the giant air warfare destroyer project and our new trams will be arriving here soon. This weekend you’ll have your chance to see Adelaide’s brand new airport terminal – we’re providing special free bus services to and from the airport so that everyone can have a look and it’s fantastic, so check the papers for details or call the Adelaide Metro InfoLine, but don’t miss out.”

Voiceover: “A message from the Government of South Australia.”

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