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HOLDEN – Total job losses up to 4200

Friday, 26 August 2005

Total job losses resulting from the closure of the third shift and cuts in production at Holden will be between 2800 and 4200 jobs, according to Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“Whilst everyone is obviously disappointed for the 1400 Holden workers and their families directly impacted by this decision, we need to remember another 1400-2800 workers and their families will also lose their jobs,” Mr Lucas said today.

When Mr Rann in June 2003 welcomed the commencement of the third shift and the initial employment of 800 new jobs he said:

“The flow on activity in related industry, there’s probably been an equivalent number of jobs to that 750 plus created in the components industry and other supporting industries in this state.”
Mike Rann, ABC Radio, 16 June 2003

Further, in June of this year the Minister for Industry and Trade, Paul Holloway, conceded in Parliament that the 2000 remaining jobs at Mitsubishi supported a total of 6000 direct and indirect jobs in South Australia (Hansard, 28 June 2005).

“Using Mr Holloway’s job multiplier of 3, the 1400 jobs being lost at Holden will mean a total of 4200 direct and indirect jobs being lost in South Australia,” Mr Lucas said.

“The 1400 direct jobs being lost at Holden is actually more than the 1200 direct jobs lost at Mitsubishi over the last year.

“Whilst Mr Rann is always quick to put a ‘spin’ on any good news of job increases, it is important for him to be open and transparent when up to 4200 South Australian workers and their families are going to be impacted by this decision.

“Given the significance of these job losses, the Rann Government must urgently review its skills development and training policy to ensure appropriate assistance is given to these workers.”

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