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Liberals deliver on Chief Executive transparency

Sunday, 21 October 2018

The Marshall Government has delivered yet another election promise with the remuneration packages of State Government Departmental Chief Executives published on the website of the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment (OCPSE).

Previously accessing this information involved a lengthy, cumbersome and frustrating process that was designed to minimise the number of people who would ferret out this information.

“South Australian taxpayers have the right to know how much the Chief Executives of State Governments Departments are being paid,” said Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“There is no justification for the level of secrecy that the previous Labor government built into the process of finding out how much Chief Executives get paid.

“The Marshall Government was elected promising open and accountable government and that is exactly what we are delivering.

“Disclosing how much the State’s top bureaucrats are paid is a simple, effective accountability measure that enhances our democratic institutions.

“The practice of the previous Labor government was a ridiculous waste of resources and symptomatic of a Government obsessed with secrecy.

“I can only assume that the previous Labor government refused to make this information accessible because it was embarrassed about how much it was paying some Labor mates it had appointed as Chief Executives.”


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