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Liberals to save almost $20 million by scrapping EDB

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today a Marshall Liberal Government would scrap the
Economic Development Board and save taxpayers almost $20 million over four years.

The Economic Development Board has a budget of $6 million this year and it would be
replaced by an Economic Advisory Council which would cost no more than $500,000 per

Tnew body would be purely an advisory body and would have no power to make decisions or direct government agencies. Also, none of its members would sit with Ministers on Cabinet Committees. The Liberal Party does not believe non-elected members should beserving on Cabinet Committees in this area.

“The Liberal Party acknowledges the work of Board members and makes no criticism of
individuals. However, given South Australia’s appalling job and economic growth
performance over the last 16 years it is clear that the model has not worked,” said Shadow
Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“It is time for a new model where a reformist Government led by a Premier and Ministers accept responsibility for implementing policies to advance economic and job growth in South Australia.”

This budget saving of almost $20 million is in addition to the $20 million saving from
scrapping 50 Weatherill Government ministerial staff and spin doctors and will help fund
policies such as the abolition of payroll tax for all small businesses.

“So far in the election campaign the Liberal Party has been the only party to identify some
budget savings to help fund election promises,” said Mr Lucas.

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