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Treasury confirms bullying claims against Atkinson

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today that FOI applications had confirmed there had been two claims of bullying made in workers compensation claims by former staff of Michael Atkinson MP.

The Weatherill Government must now come clean and reveal what the total cost to taxpayers has been for the settlement of these bullying claims against Mr Atkinson.

Treasury replies to two FOI applications confirmed they had two documents which were workers compensation claims lodged in June 2013 and October 2015 which ‘includes a claim of bullying against Michael Atkinson MP.’ Treasury refused to release both documents.

Treasury also refused to release two further documents which included total payments made to both staff to help settle both workers compensation claims.

Given that the Weatherill Government leaked the total payout to settle a single claim against a Liberal MP the Weatherill Government cannot now refuse to reveal the cost of these two claims against Mr Atkinson.

The Liberal Party accepts that responses to claims of bullying should be considered before decisions of guilt or otherwise are determined. However, Labor Ministers like Kyam Maher obviously don’t agree with that view, as he called for the Liberal MP to be sacked from his Shadow Ministry position.

The difficulty for Mr Atkinson is that Treasury has confirmed two separate bullying claims against him and therefore he should now respond publicly to these revelations.


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