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Labor’s Groundhog Day budget

Thursday, 22 June 2017

The State Liberals are warning South Australians that today’s State Budget will contain a raft of re-heated proposals dressed up as new initiatives as the old, tired and lazy Weatherill Government seeks to cling to power for another four years.

In the face of rising unemployment Jay Weatherill has promised to ‘double down’ on his political strategy, so South Australians need to prepare themselves for lots of talk about jobs, jobs, jobs.

“Unfortunately repeating the jobs, jobs, jobs slogan like a mantra won’t deliver the policy initiatives critical to deliver actual jobs growth in South Australia,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“Last year’s ‘jobs budget’ has delivered a substantial increase in the rate of unemployment in South Australia with the unemployment rate rising from 6.7 per cent (trend) and 6.4 (seasonally adjusted) at the time of last year’s budget to 7.1 (trend) and 6.9 (seasonally adjusted) now.

“After almost 16 years whatever the Labor Government is doing is clearly not working.

“Only a comprehensive economic growth strategy will pull South Australia out of the downward spiral that hamstrings economic growth and in turn cripples employment growth.

“We have already seen the farce of the Weatherill Government’s re-announcement of a disfigured version of a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) that was promised before the last state election.

“It has taken the Weatherill Government almost four years to admit that babies born at the time of their commitment to a new WCH will be teenagers before a Children’s Hospital could possibly be delivered. In all probability, Labor will never deliver a Children’s Hospital.

“The Weatherill Government is also promising $250 million for TQEH – despite making similar promises at the 2010 and 2014 elections.

“We will see the electrification of the Gawler train line revived for the umpteenth time in tomorrow’s State Budget despite the fact the Weatherill Government has failed to present a business case to Infrastructure Australia.

“The Labor Government’s record is littered with so many broken promises most South Australians will simply ‘shrug their shoulders’ at another series of promises which they know a possible Labor Government would simply break if they were re-elected.”


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