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Time to cut nuclear dump costs

Monday, 19 June 2017

The State Liberals are demanding that Premier Jay Weatherill disbands the nuclear Response Advisory Board he established as part of his plan to make South Australia the world’s radioactive dump.

“For Jay Weatherill to continue to fund the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Consultation and Response Agency (CARA) and its Advisory Board after he has supposedly backflipped on the dump is a disgraceful waste of public money in a cash strapped state,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“Jay Weatherill has already burnt more than $9 million of South Australian taxpayers money on his pursuit of a high level nuclear waste dump in South Australia. It’s time to stop throwing good money after bad.

“South Australians do not want a bar of Jay Weartherill’s nuclear dump plans and the Premier needs to recognise his dream of turning South Australia into the world’s high level radioactive dump is dead and buried.

“The fact that CARA and its highly paid staff are still open for business casts grave doubts on Mr Weatherill’s claim he has dumped his plan.

“If Mr Weatherill’s claim was to be believed then he would have already closed down CARA, its Advisory Board and all staff involved.

“South Australians will also remember that prior to the last election Mr Weatherill made a firm commitment for ‘no privatisations’. However, since the election he has privatized the MAC, the Land Titles Office and is looking at privatising parts of HomeStart.

“Based on that record South Australians will find it hard to believe the Weatherill Governemnt when just prior to the election it now claims it won’t proceed with its nuclear dump proposal.

“The State Liberals will give all South Australians a free vote on Jay Weatherill’s plans for a nuclear dump at the 2018 State Election.

“At the 2018 State Election South Australians will have a choice between a Marshall Liberal Government that has a greater ambition for South Australia than being the world’s dump, and a Weatherill Labor Government which has been on the record supporting a high level nuclear waste dump for South Australia.”





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