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Portolesi admits: Rann not in control

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Grace Portolesi today admitted that Premier Mike Rann is not in control of his own Cabinet – another reason why Mr Rann cannot be trusted to govern South Australia.

“Ms Portolesi this morning admitted that Mr Rann is not trusted to choose his own Ministers and revealed that Labor’s women are overlooked for men,” Mr Lucas said.

David Bevan: “…in eight years [Mr Rann] has not dropped one Labor man from his Ministry… we’ve seen Lea Stevens go, Trish White, Steph Key, Carmel Zollo…”

Grace Portolesi: “…that’s not his call…”

David Bevan: “…You don’t think it’s harder for women in the Mike Rann Ministry than it is for the men?”

Grace Portolesi: “No, I don’t, look at the backbench…”
(891ABC, 23-Feb-2010)

“Ms Portolesi was asked a number of questions on morning radio about four former female Ministers who have been dumped by Mr Rann,” he said.

“The fact that no men have been dumped by Mr Rann is extraordinary considering Labor’s recent under-performers are all men and still remain in his Cabinet.”

They include:

• Attorney-General Michael Atkinson, who has been the Rann Government’s biggest under-performer and liability across the board;
• Minister Michael Wright, who as Industrial Relations Minister oversaw the explosion of WorkCover’s unfunded liabilities from $56 million to over $1 billion; and,
• Minister Tom Koutsantonis, who as Road Safety Minister preached to South Australians about road safety with his shocking record as a hoon driver.

“In any other Government, Ministers like Michael Atkinson would have been sacked years ago,” Mr Lucas said.

“If Mr Rann cannot be trusted by Labor’s own factions, then how can South Australians trust him to govern our state?

“Again, it comes back to the question posed in a popular television commercial: “Trust! Who can yah?””

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