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Labor’s stormwater plan: Unfunded & Untrustworthy

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The State Liberals have discovered a massive financial black hole in the Rann Government’s untrustworthy stormwater plan.

The Government has committed in its Water For Good document to use 20GL of stormwater by 2013 and up to 60GL by 2050 to stop drinking water being used for parks, sports grounds and industrial uses, Shadow Minister for Finance Rob Lucas said today.

“However, given that Labor has said it won’t put recycled stormwater into existing pipes, then Labor will need to build and pay for a new citywide pipeline distribution system.

“Information provided to the State Liberals from within the public service indicates that Labor’s stormwater plan will cost hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars – if not billions – to duplicate hundreds of kilometers of Adelaide’s pipeline system.

“The challenge for Treasurer Kevin Foley is to tell South Australians exactly how much he will spend on hundreds of kilometers of pipeline to distribute 20GL of recycled stormwater throughout Adelaide.

“Mr Foley needs to explain to South Australian taxpayers how Labor’s stormwater system will be paid for.

“Minister Jay Weatherill has again confirmed the Rann Government's plans to use 20GL of stormwater by 2013 for watering parks and other non-potable uses only.”

Mr Weatherill told Adelaide radio this week:

“We’ve got projects, 20GL of stormwater projects using the water for parks and garden and that’s the appropriate use to have different grades of water for different uses.”

“The Rann Government has also pledged to reuse some of this stormwater to replace drinking water for toilet flushing and other limited uses,” he said.

“As an additional unknown cost, every building in Adelaide connected to the new system would need to be converted to take stormwater for toilet flushing.

“It’s time for Mr Foley to come clean on this funding, because it's not in the budget.

“Mr Foley must also explain publicly today how many hundreds of millions – or billions – the Rann Government’s second pipeline distribution system will cost.

“Mr Foley and Mr Rann cannot be trusted on stormwater and they need to come clean on this secret additional cost.

“The State Liberals’ stormwater plan will use our existing water distribution system to take safe and clean drinking water to anywhere in Adelaide that has a tap.”

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