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Trust to be key issue for State Election

Friday, 5 February 2010

Today’s Advertiser opinion poll makes it clear that “trust” will be a key issue for voters in the upcoming State Election.

“Today’s poll indicates that when asked which political leader they trusted the most, an overwhelming majority trusted Liberal Leader Isobel Redmond rather than Mike Rann,” Shadow Minister for Finance Rob Lucas said today.

“In fact, the margin was an unprecedented 51 per cent for Ms Redmond compared to only 34 per cent for Mr Rann.

“It is clear that voters are sick and tired of eight years of broken promises and political spin by Mr Rann and his Labor Ministers.

“After all, the guiding morality and philosophy for the Rann Government was most clearly demonstrated by Treasurer Kevin Foley when he tried to justify breaking Labor’s “no tax increase” promise in their first budget.”

Mr Foley told Parliament on 15 July 2002:

“You do not have the moral fibre to go back on your promise. I have…”

Note: A brief list of the many Rann Government broken promises is attached


“You do not have the moral fibre to go back on your promise. I have…” (Kevin Foley, Hansard, 15-Jul-2002)

1.) Infrastructure projects – big promises but no action

a.) Mt Bold Reservoir expansion – 07/08 Budget
b.) South Road/Sturt Road underpass – Mike Rann press release, 28-Feb-2006
c.) South Road/Port Road/Grange Road underpass – 05/06 Budget
d.) Tramline to North Adelaide – 05/06 Budget
e.) Britannia roundabout – Rann Government press release, May-2004
f.) New prisons project – Rann Government Budget press release, 21-Sep-2006

2.) No increase in taxes/charges or new taxes

The basic principles of Labor’s financial strategy will:

“…not require any increases in existing Government taxes or charges” (Labor Policy Costings Document, 7-Feb-02)

“None of our promises will require new or higher taxes and charges our fully costed policies do not contain provisions for new or higher taxes and charges” (Mike Rann, 5AN, 18-Jan-2002)

The Rann Government has introduced new taxes, such as the River Murray tax and increased taxes such as gaming machines taxes, some stamp duty rates and mining royalties.

3.) Rann Government will stop Government advertising for political purposes

“Labor will stop the practice of using Government advertising and taxpayers money to promote party political objectives.

“Labor will then place legislation before Parliament to restore accountability in Government spending on promotions” (Labor Policy Costing Document, 7-Feb-2002).

“When we see a politician in a taxpayer funded ad, it is just a cheap way of doing the party ads” (Mike Rann, Hansard, 19-Jun-2001).

The Rann Government has continued to spend up to $70 million per year on Government advertising. A number of those campaigns were clearly politically oriented and derived to gather support for Mr Rann and the Labor Party. Despite Labor’s promise, legislation to restore accountability in Government spending on promotions is yet to be introduced to Parliament.

4.) No increase in water rates

Kevin Foley: “SA Water gave us over $200m, from memory, in the last budget…they can come up with a bit more…I look forward to them chipping in and helping Labor put the money into health and education.”
David Bevan: “Without water rates going up?”
Kevin Foley: “Absolutely…” (5AN, 7-Feb-2002)

The Rann Government has increased ALL Government charges in each of their three budgets - including water rates. Water rates have already increased by more than 100% since Mr Rann was elected in 2002.

5.) No public service job cuts

Kevin Foley: “We at this point are looking at about 800 additional vital public servants in our promises to date. That is 400 police, 100 teachers, 44 new medical specialists.”
Matthew Abraham: “And you won’t fund these by getting rid of other jobs?”
Kevin Foley: “No…” (Kevin Foley, ABC Radio, 16-Mar-2006)

In the first budget after the election (2006-07), Mr Foley announced 1571 FTE job cuts and in the last year announced a further 1600 FTE job cuts.

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