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Friday, 18 February 2005

Upper House Select Committee chairman Paul Holloway has been embarrassed in Parliament by revelations that a government management program which he has strongly attacked was in fact listed by him and his Department as a “Strategic Priority” in his own Department’s Annual Report.

“On Wednesday, Minister Holloway and the Government said the Balanced Scorecard was not a priority of the Government and condemned it as ‘psycho-babble’ and as not providing value for money,” Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today.

“However, the 2002-03 Annual Report of one of Minister Holloway’s own Departments (PIRSA) actually listed the introduction of the Balanced Scorecard as a “Strategic Priority” for him and the Government under the heading:

“Strategic Priority 11 – WE MANAGE FOR RESULTS – we manage our resources well; we provide leadership; our business processes are effective and efficient”
p100, Department of Primary Industries and Resources 2002-03 annual report

“In addition, the SA Police Corporate Business Plan 2002-04, SA Tourism Plan 2003-08, the Energy SA Strategic Plan 2002-04 and the Auditor-General’s own 2000-01 Report all list the Balanced Scorecard as an important part of their management control strategies,” Mr Lucas said.

“However, the ultimate embarrassment for Mr Holloway is the revelation that an officer in one of his Departments (PIRSA) will be the key-note speaker at a Performance Measurement conference outlining the value of the Balanced Scorecard and the other measurement systems.

“Mr Holloway was red-faced in the Parliament when told the conference was at the 4.5 star Royal on the Park Hotel in Brisbane and that delegate charges to attend varied from $2800-$4500 per delegate and that the promotional brochure highlighted ‘freely flowing champagne’ to assist roundtable discussions (see attached).”

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