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Rann budget – costs blowing out by $4m a day!

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

The Mid Year Budget Review has revealed that budget costs are blowing out at the rate of $4 million per day.

Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said it was extraordinary that in less than two months since the State Budget total costs have blown out by about $220 million.

“This is further evidence of a Government that has lost control of managing its budget – the only reason the budget remains barely in surplus is because of an unexpected boost in revenue by about $140 million,” Mr. Lucas said today.

“Mr. Foley’s approach to budget management seems to be to forget about controlling costs and take the punt every year of winning the X-Lotto of unexpected revenue windfall.

“Mr. Foley’s press release is deceptive in many respects. For example, he highlights that GST revenue is expected to decline by $18 million and speeding fine revenue by $18 million. However, he doesn’t mention that property taxes are now expected to increase by another $50 million this year and the total revenue windfall is $140 million.

“Sooner or later, Mr. Foley will have to realise that he has to stop government waste and mismanagement, such as:

• Budgeting for 1,000 extra public servants in the last four budgets, but ending up with more than 9,000!
• Blowouts of hundreds of millions of dollars in transport and health capital works projects;
• Up to $100 million extra on an opening bridge in Mr. Foley’s electorate and $31 million for a tram from the Treasury to the Casino.

“Time is running out for Mr. Foley, and the Mid Year Budget Review is a significant warning sign that he can no longer rely on winning X-Lotto every year to balance his massive blowouts in expenditure.”

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