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Rann now wants to rush four bills through in three days

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas has today criticised Premier Rann for wanting to rush four new bills through both Houses of Parliament in the last three sitting days whilst at the same time he has decided not to allow Parliament to sit for an optional extra week before Christmas.

Mr. Lucas said that, in addition to these four bills, Mr. Rann also wants another five bills to be passed in only three days.

“This last-minute legislative rush is the perfect recipe for mistakes to be made and errors not to be picked up as they should be during parliamentary debate,” he said.

“For example, Treasurer Foley has claimed that with one bill (Electricity Superannuation), all unions had been consulted and supported the legislation, but the Liberal Party has now been contacted by a union representative disputing Mr. Foley’s claim.

“Parliament’s last three sitting days for the year will now be next week because Mr. Rann is obviously desperate not to sit in the following week, which was an optional week.

“The Rann Government has confirmed they want the following four bills to pass both Houses of Parliament in just three days.

• Development (Building Safety) Amendment Bill
• Southern State Superannuation (Insurance, Spouse Accounts and other Measures) Amendment Bill
• Statutes Amendment (Electricity Industry Scheme) Bill
• Emergency Management (State Emergency Relief Fund) Amendment Bill

“Amongst the other five bills requiring debate is the controversial and complex same-sex legislation as well as the increasingly contentious plan by Mr. Rann to allow the current Auditor General an extra five years in the job.

“Given there has been eight months since the State election, there is no logical reason why Mr. Rann couldn’t have introduced these bills earlier and not at the death-knell when there are only three days to go.

“The Rann Government’s handling of the legislative process has been slack and incompetent, and Mr. Rann should explain why he doesn’t want to sit for the optional extra sitting week.”

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