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Rundle Mall gets green light to open late this weekend to capitalise on supercars, Fringe fever

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

All Rundle Mall and CBD retailers will have the option of trading later, until 7pm, on Saturday and Sunday night – if they choose - so they can capitalise on tens of thousands of people in the city for the Superloop Adelaide 500 and Adelaide Fringe.

Treasurer Rob Lucas said he had made the decision of his own accord to grant the exemption under section 5 of the Shop Trading Hours Act 1977, after receiving a number of separate applications from city retailers – including from Rundle Place, as well as the Rundle Mall Management Authority (RMMA), which represents all Rundle Mall traders.

It follows applications from city supermarkets Woolworths and Coles, requesting the same extended hours, which were granted by Mr Lucas late last week.

“We know there will be an influx of interstate and international tourists, as well as tens of thousands of local motorsport and festival fans, all flocking to the city this weekend,” said Mr Lucas.

“This exemption will give retailers, regardless of their size, the opportunity to open their doors an extra two hours until 7pm, both Saturday and Sunday nights, to cater for the larger crowds – if they choose

“We expect some will take up the offer, others won’t.

“But, once I had granted individual exemptions to Woolworths and Coles late last week, I very quickly received other applications from Rundle Place and the Rundle Mall Management Authority, representing all Rundle Mall traders.

“So, I made the decision of my own accord to grant an exemption for the entire Rundle Mall precinct and Adelaide CBD.” 

Mr Lucas said the exemption is strictly voluntary and no employee can be forced to work the additional hours.

Last year’s Superloop Adelaide 500 attracted an estimated 254,000 fans over 4 days – with 64,500 people attending on the Saturday, and a sell-out crowd of 90,000 people attending Sunday’s final race and after race concert. The Adelaide Fringe attracted almost 35,000 tourists in 2019. 

The exemption allows non-exempt shops (supermarkets over 400sqm and shops over 200sqm) to trade for an extra 4 hours in total, opening until 7pm (instead of 5pm) on February 22 and February 23.


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