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Statement re: Office of the Leader of the Opposition expenses

Friday, 10 January 2020

“The Government has released publicly details of taxpayer-funded credit card expenses from 2013 to 2016 for the Office of the Leader of the Opposition. 

“In response to an earlier FOI request, Treasury had released details of expenses from 2016 to 2018 but had advised that, due to a software change in 2016, data prior to 2016 was not accessible. 

“However, Treasury have now advised that advice was incorrect because they have found hard copies of records and invoices held in archived boxes in storage off site by an outsourced contractor.

“Similar to the previously released expenses, they include expenditure on entertainment, hospitality, travel and accommodation.

“The rules that governed expenditure for the Office of the Leader of the Opposition were similar to the rules that governed expenditure by the offices of all former Labor Government Ministers. For example, staff of both Ministers and the Leader of the Opposition were entitled to take journalists to lunches and dinners, including payments for both food and alcohol.

“Since the election, the Liberal Government has introduced strict new rules governing the use of taxpayer-funded credit cards and the purchase of alcohol. 

“Ministers and Ministerial staff no longer are allowed to use taxpayer funds to purchase alcohol at lunches and dinners for themselves, journalists or friends. There are only limited exemptions, such as hosting Ministerial Council functions or visiting delegations.”

“These rules apply to Ministers and Ministerial staff, they do not apply to the Leader of the Opposition and his staff.”


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