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Government has delivered lower costs for SA families, businesses

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Hard working South Australian households, families and businesses are already saving up to hundreds of dollars every year thanks to a range of Marshall Liberal Government initiatives helping deliver cost-of-living relief.

So, whilst some fees and charges are increasing next month, for most South Australians they are well and truly surpassed by a range of Government policies delivering lower costs.

From $100 sports vouchers for primary school-aged children’s swimming and other sports lessons, to massive reductions in ESL bills, the abolition of payroll tax for all small businesses, power bill concessions and cheaper car rego costs with lower CTP Insurance premiums, tens of thousands of South Australians are already benefitting.

In fact, SA motorists are saving up to $114 a year on their CTP Insurance premiums with the market now open to full competition, driving down the overall cost of renewing a vehicle’s registration. For a typical Adelaide household with 1.8* vehicles, this represents a potential saving of more than $205 per household.

Treasurer Rob Lucas said the Government has also delivered on its commitment to slash ESL bills for South Australians by putting $90 million a year back into the pockets of families, with an average** household saving more than 50 per cent or $163 in 2019-20 compared to the policy under the former Labor government.

We promised we’d lower costs for South Australian households, families and businesses and that’s exactly what we’re delivering,” said Mr Lucas.

“We have made the $59.40 volunteer screening checks free for all South Australians, saving volunteers and community organisations more than $3.4 million in the past year, while electricity bills for households have reduced by an average $62*** in the past financial year, which is in stark contrast to the $477 increase the Labor Party delivered in its final two years in office.

“Up to 171,000 households able to save up to $585 off their annual energy bill after the Government negotiated a better 20 per cent concession discount deal, while public transport users have been quarantined from larger increases, with public transport fares limited to 2 per cent.

“From July, the Government will deliver lower water costs to households and businesses – after being unfairly gouged for years by the former Labor government who deliberately inflated the value of SA Water’s assets to improve their Budget revenue.  

“After enduring massive hikes under Labor, this will provide welcome cost-of-living relief for families and provide a constant reminder of the stark contrast between a Marshall Liberal Government and the higher bills of Mr Malinauskas and co.

”The Marshall Government’s historic land tax reforms will also deliver $189 million in land tax cuts which will benefit 92% of mum and dad investors and 75% of company groups. From July 1, the top land tax rate will be reduced from a national high 3.7% to 2.4% (the average of all mainland states) to drive investment and create jobs. 


**Households with a property valued at the median price of $480,000 in the metropolitan area will receive a $163.05 saving on their ESL bill in 2019-20, compared with what they would have paid under Labor.

***ESCOSA’s annual Energy Retail Price Offers Comparison Report, released September 2019


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