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Malinauskas must condemn bullying and intimidation by union bosses and members

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Labor leader and former union boss Peter Malinauskas must immediately condemn the bullying and intimidation of some workers during yesterday’s union organised protest against budget decisions.

Treasurer Rob Lucas said most South Australians would have been appalled at television footage of union bosses and members at the Adelaide Remand Centre screaming abuse and calling a lone worker a ‘scab’ for continuing to work and help maintain minimum staffing levels during yesterday’s Public Service Association protest.

"This appalling behaviour was clearly bullying and intimidation and should be condemned by any fair-minded person,’’ said Treasurer Lucas.

"As a former union boss, Mr Malinauskas hosted some of these union bosses and members in Parliament House last week as he urged them to protest against budget decisions.

"At yesterday’s protest, Mr Malinauskas had a significant number of his Shadow Cabinet and Caucus members participating.

"The Government respects the right of workers to protest at a government’s decision, but we reject absolutely the notion that union bosses and members should be allowed to bully and intimidate fellow workers who choose to simply do the job for which taxpayers are paying them.

"It is now time for Mr Malinauskas to come out and publicly condemn the bullying and intimidation by union bosses and members yesterday."


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