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Weatherill needs to take bank tax to the people

Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Upper House of State Parliament last night voted to remove Labor’s State Bank Tax from the Budget Measures Bill and sent the amended Bill back to the House of Assembly minus the tax.

“Put simply, the Liberal Party voted for payroll tax cuts and off the plan concessions, but against Labor’s State Bank Tax,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“It’s now time for the Weatherill Government to accept the will of the Parliament and pass the Budget Measures Bill without the State Bank Tax.

“If the Weatherill Government remains wedded to its State Bank Tax it should put its new tax before South Australians at the March State election.

“The Weatherill Government has no mandate to introduce this massive new tax that will ultimately be paid for by South Australians families and businesses.

“Labor’s State Bank Tax will not pass this Parliament and the Weatherill Government needs to cauterise the damage it is doing to investment and jobs in South Australia by removing the tax from the Budget Measures Bill.

“The longer this tax is included in the Budget Measurers Bill the deeper the damage the Weatherill Labor Government is doing to the South Australian economy.”

Treasurer Koutsantonis has also been claiming that it would be unprecedented for the Legislative Council to remove the Bank Tax from the Budget Measures Bill.

“In fact in 2015 and 2016 the Labor Party actually moved amendments in the
Legislative Council to their own Budget Measures Bills which were supported by
the Legislative Council,” said Mr Lucas.

“Similarly in 2010 and 2003 the Labor Party in the Legislative Council also moved amendments to budget related bills which were supported in the
Legislative Council.

“Further in 1996 the then Labor Opposition successfully moved an amendment in the Legislative Council to a Liberal Government money bill relating to gaming
machine taxation.

“The hypocrisy of Treasurer Koutsantonis and the Weatherill Government on this issue is clear.”


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