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13 April, 2005 Kevin Foley is acting like a 21st century version of ‘Henny Penny’ in claiming that the state budget is in trouble because of the GST deal negotiation, according to Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas. “Kevin Foley’s response seems to be limited to be runni... Read more
28 March, 2005 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today latest figures released by the Federal Government show the total GST windfall to South Australia was now $1.7 billion over the seven years to 2009-10. In fact, the Federal Government is estimating that in two ye... Read more
26 March, 2005 Treasurer Kevin Foley and the Rann Government are still refusing to provide vital information relating to the ‘stashed cash’ affair, nearly two years after questions were first asked. “For some 21 months now, Kevin Foley has refused to provide answe... Read more
18 March, 2005 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas says the latest Federal GST figures reveal that a Rann Government already awash with funds will get a further unexpected GST bonus of $170m over the period up to 2007-08. “At the time of last year’s State Budget the Rann G... Read more
18 March, 2005 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas says Minister Paul Holloway has been severely embarrassed by damning evidence at today’s ‘stashed cash’ inquiry meeting, and must now apologise for untrue statements he made about so-called lavish spending by public servant... Read more
02 March, 2005 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas has moved to set up a Parliamentary inquiry into the collection of property taxes, which would look at what are widely considered to be inequities in the current system. Mr Lucas has today moved for the Legislative Council... Read more
26 February, 2005 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas says recent Rann Government changes to South Australia’s trade offices after three years of uncertainty make no sense at a time when South Australia’s export performance is struggling. “This week the Rann Government announ... Read more
21 February, 2005 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas says it was hypocritical for the Rann Government to criticise a public servant for attending an interstate conference at a cost of $3500 when Mike Rann spent $85,000 to send public servants to a conference in Adelaide. “In... Read more
18 February, 2005 Upper House Select Committee chairman Paul Holloway has been embarrassed in Parliament by revelations that a government management program which he has strongly attacked was in fact listed by him and his Department as a “Strategic Priority” in his ow... Read more
17 February, 2005 The Rann Government’s increasingly desperate attempts to defend Attorney-General Michael Atkinson had now descended to Goebbels-like levels of distorted propaganda, according to Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas. “The Rann Government has been severely emba... Read more
16 February, 2005 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas has accused Attorney-General Michael Atkinson of misleading the Parliament, after the third witness in less than a week to the ‘stashed cash’ inquiry directly contradicted the Attorney-General’s claims that Kate Lennon had... Read more
11 February, 2005 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas says two key witnesses to the ‘stashed cash’ inquiry have directly contradicted claims made by Attorney-General Michael Atkinson that Kate Lennon kept two sets of books in the “Stashed Cash” affair. In the Parliament on Mo... Read more
03 February, 2005 In response to public anger about land tax and the Rann Government becoming the highest taxing State Government in South Australia’s history, Mike Rann and Kevin Foley have continued to refer to $360 million (or $350m) of tax cuts in last year’s budg... Read more
28 January, 2005 Another key witness to the ‘stashed cash’ inquiry has given evidence conflicting with Attorney-General Michael Atkinson’s claim that he didn’t know that the ‘stashed cash’ account at the centre of the scandal even existed, Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas ... Read more
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