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27 January, 2006 Confidential Treasury documents provided to the State Government warn that nine departments have been predicting they will overspend their budget allocations this year, Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas has revealed. These confidential documents were provi... Read more
25 January, 2006 The Rann Government has broken its own record as the highest taxing government in South Australia’s history but much of the enormous extra revenue collected has been wasted, Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today. “Today’s Mid-Year Budget Review conf... Read more
13 January, 2006 Attempts by Labor to head off looming summer power shortages have failed with South Australian households and businesses still facing random blackouts this summer. “Today NEMMCO confirmed that South Australia and Victoria will still face a daily def... Read more
13 January, 2006 Mike Rann has wasted $250,000 advertising a non-existent website address as part of his supposed nurse recruitment advertising campaign, Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today. Mr Rann was heavily criticised last week for an expensive ‘feel good’ hea... Read more
12 January, 2006 Two Labor Party stalwarts have further damaged Michael Atkinson’s credibility by today confirming critical aspects of Ralph Clarke’s evidence to a Legislative Council Select Committee, according to Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas. Mr Clarke’s evidence in... Read more
06 January, 2006 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today that Premier Rann had just embarked on his ninth separate television/radio advertising campaign in 7 months as part of a pre-election advertising orgy for his government. Labor Party market research and publicly... Read more
03 January, 2006 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today claims by Mr Rann that Rann Government Ministers and political advisers were not involved in managing Freedom of Information (FOI) applications were untrue, and in fact evidence over three years showed Mr Rann wa... Read more
30 December, 2005 The Rann Government has embarked on a deliberate campaign to delay responding to critical freedom of information applications until after the coming state election, Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today. “In November this year the Liberal Party lodg... Read more
28 December, 2005 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today that the Liberal Party would submit a Freedom of Information application this week to try and get further details on the secret Rann Government and Ashbourne settlement. Mr. Rann, who is always available to the ... Read more
27 December, 2005 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today that now Mr. Rann was back from holidays he could no longer hide from answering the many unanswered questions on the payout to his former political adviser Randall Ashbourne. This payout cost taxpayers at least... Read more
22 December, 2005 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas today condemned Mr Rann’s handling of the Atkinson/Ashbourne scandal which had now cost taxpayers about $400,000. The Auditor-General, Ken MacPherson, in evidence to the Legislative Council Select Committee in August warne... Read more
21 December, 2005 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas is accusing the Rann Government of playing pre-election political games over the timing of the release of important budget information. “Mr Rann’s decision to delay the release of the Mid-Year Budget Review until mid-Janua... Read more
16 December, 2005 Final budget figures for the last financial year confirm that the Rann Government collected $600m more revenue than originally estimated, according to Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas. “The 2004-05 Final Budget Outcome released today confirms that the Ran... Read more
08 December, 2005 The Liberal Party in South Australia would not be supporting any proposals to increase the rate of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) or to broaden the base of the GST to include items such as food, Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today. “Such a polic... Read more
05 December, 2005 Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today that Premier Rann now had no option but to investigate fully bullying claims against Attorney-General Michael Atkinson. Last week’s confirmation by a staff member for Labor MP Frances Bedford that she had organi... Read more
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