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Disappointing jobs stats reflect an economy in transition

Thursday, 19 September 2019

The State Government has labelled today’s increase in the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for August to 7.3 per cent (6.8 per cent trend) as disappointing news for jobs seekers in South Australia.  “The State Government understands the frustration of people looking for work and is committed to further increasing the number of jobs our economy is creating,” said Treasurer Rob Lucas. “Our policies to reduce payroll tax, the Emergency Services Levy and other business costs demonstrates the State Government’s commitment to growing the South Australian economy, which is transitioning from a manufacturing base. “The job opportunities from the $90 billion defence ship building program, the opportunities in the space and cyber, creative industries and innovation precinct at Lot Fourteen – as well as a significant $11.9 billion infrastructure pipeline - will also assist job seekers in South...Click here for full story

AEU bosses urge teachers not to write remarks on student report cards as a way of ‘taking back control’

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Some students across South Australia will be bringing home end-of-term report cards without any written teacher comments about their progress and ability, attitude or areas for improvement, following an ‘outrageous and deeply offensive’ Australian Education Union directive designed to disadvantage students and parents. Union bosses from the AEU are again urging their members not provide parents and children any insightful, informative commentary on student reports beyond a subject’s grade, as part of the union’s industrial action in response to the Government’s Enterprise Agreement Offer. It is one of several union “work-to-rule” actions introduced in schools and preschools – including limiting staff meetings, refusing to take additional relief lessons, and answering emails in worktime only – and comes as 46 schools (or units within the school) close an hour early on one day this w...Click here for full story

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